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Table For Two • Valentine's Limited Batch

Table For Two • Valentine's Limited Batch

The Origin of "Java"

Coffee was brought to the islands of Indonesia by the Dutch in the 1600's. Java was the first of the islands to cultivate coffee, and one of the first to export it in the 1700's. This long history of coffee cultivation in the island is part of the reason coffee can be known as “java.”

Meet The Bean

The long partnership with coffee continues on Java where they are joining the global experiment with fermentation of coffee. This natural processed coffee has a whopping 4 week long processing cycle. After picking and sorting, the beans are placed in airtight bags to create an anaerobic environment where lactobacillus is added to encourage fermentation (like Kombucha!).

Home Sweet Home

The Inside Scoop

This anaerobic fermentation is done intentionally and with great care to create an intense fruity acidity with a slight increase in the body. It is distinct, sweet, fruit forward with nice acidity. Yes, it’s different, but that is what is fun about coffee! Grab a friend, sit at a table for two, and dive into this exciting exploration of java.

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