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The Craft of Tradition Coffee Roasting

The Craft of Tradition Coffee Roasting

As the founder, I wanted to share the story of coffee’s journey through Tradition Coffee Roasters.  Passionate about your daily brew as a culinary art, I source our specialty grade “green” beans from farms around the world through an importer. Typically, I sample roast a small amount and cup (taste test) before agreeing to purchase larger amounts. Once the coffee arrives at the roastery, I meticulously refine the roasting variables to assure I am achieving the best flavor profile possible. I am my own worst critic, but once Iʻm sure Iʻve nailed it, it's exhilarating.

Because coffee is an agricultural product in some ways similar to wine, with various origins and growing environments, each bean has a distinct flavor. The unique taste potential of each green bean is a dynamic variation of varietal, soil, weather, elevation and primarily, skill of the farmer. After being carefully picked for peak flavor, the processing of the beans also impacts the potential flavor of the coffee. From picking methods to drying methods, the final beans are then shipped to discerning roasters globally for optimum freshness and flavor.

Once the beans arrive here at the roastery it becomes our turn to develop the coffee flavor. The steps to roast the beans is both simple and complicated at the same time. The process is straightforward in that you are simply adding heat to brown the beans. The process can be complicated in that there are infinite ways a roaster can modify variables to achieve an outstanding roast. As I roast, I carefully monitor the initial temperature, measure the heat that is added or decreased, and modify the air flow and time spent in the different stages of the roast.  The artisanal quality crafted into each coffee roasted here is a reflection of the love, care and science behind this roasting tradition.

As your Coffee Guide, here are some of the roasting levels that craft our custom cup of Joe:
    Light Roast coffee will be nuanced and unique. Intricate flavor notes that are floral, berry or lively, are highlighted at this roast level. Coffees from around the world will taste unique and truer to their origin and gowing environment. A Kenyan bean can be crafted toward a sweet and berry tasting, while a Costa Rican will be enhanced for a nutty and lively profile, and a Guatemalan bean can be delicately intensified to rich and sweet.

    As the roast progresses, the bean takes on more of the roast flavor through what is called the Maillard reaction. Similar to the brown toasting of bread or the charring of a steak, moving further into the roast development will provide a greater influence of “roast flavor”. This  addition of roast flavors blends with the delicate nuances of origin to create a balance. This Medium Roast sweet spot is what I aim for with many Tradition coffees.

  • DARK
    Moving even further into roast development results in a full-bodied and robust flavor profile. With dark colored beans, you can experience a wonderful espresso or bold East Coast tasting experience. I recommend trying medium and light roasted espressos as well. Donʻt limit yourself with roast level for a brewing style. I find the majority of Americans have a  preference for Medium, Medium-Dark and Dark coffee mornings. Roast preference can even vary by culture and region. For example, Norway where my brother  lived and worked for several years often enjoys a light roast.

Roasting beans daily and my experience with imports from around the world, I am pleased to have created a wonderful selection of Tradition specialty coffees to share with you.

  • ALOHA BLEND and 100% KA'U HAWAI'I are typically roasted Light-Medium to Medium
. The beans used for this premium coffee experience are distinctive and unique. If you canʻt make this your everyday coffee, you should at least try it once. You won't regret it.

    Roasted to perfection, these beans create a delicious, fun and sophisticated java. Seasonally selected for Tradition based on their high quality, fantastic flavors and the coffee producers commitment to the environment. Every bean is different with its optimal balance of roast and origin and our goal with the Roaster's Select is to highlight sweetness and body.

    Firehouse Blend is is a nostalgic coffee experience to me. This is a blend that is roasted Medium Dark and I think you will love it. Itʻs bolder and stronger than our other flavors and pairs perfectly with your daily coffee Tradition. Working from my memories as a New York City Firefighter, I developed this flavor to instantly transport me back to the firehouse kitchen table, lively discussions and talking story. To maximize enjoyment, I offer this coffee at a discount to the other Tradition coffees. I want great coffee to be accessible to everyone. Personally, I am rewarded to share a great cup of joe with our everyday heroes: Teachers, healthcare workers, first responders and military.

    Try this one! This is my Dark Roast and the one I initaially recommend when customers tell me they like a dark robust flavor. Currently, this coffee comes from a woman-owned coffee farm
co-op in Mexico. Rosalba Cifuentes, has an amazing story and has been cultivating farmers with some great beans. The result is a full-bodied, bold flavor with a mouth-watering sweetness. It is a shared satisfaction to support Rosalba and other women in the industry through our Tradition Coffee Roasters business.
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