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2024 The Resolution • Limited Batch

2024 The Resolution • Limited Batch

Meet The Bean

We welcome 2024 with excitement and anticipation. A new year of your coffee journey awaits as we celebrate the beauty of the global community. We kick off with Papua New Guinea, a region of family-owned farms dedicated to sustainable farming.

The Inside Scoop

Sourced from the Nebilyer Valley, this coffee represents the region’s unique terroir and climate. The land helps create a symphony of flavors. The initial bright acidity awakens your palate, followed by the sweet, lingering honey notes. Zesty mandarin adds an invigorating twist, while the subtle undercurrent of chocolate will balance out the experience. This will be a true delight as we journey into the New Year.

Home Sweet Home

Perfect Pairing: Banana Bread. We thought we would add to your experience by venturing into the world of pairings (yes, this is done with coffee too, wine doesn’t get to claim everything!). The coffee’s sweet notes beautifully compliment the natural sugars in the banana bread while the zesty mandarin adds a refreshing dimension to the overall taste. Bon Appétit!

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