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Spring Into Sweet Sunshine

Spring Into Sweet Sunshine

As we roll into March, the month seems to tease us with a mix of warm days sprinkled in with the chilly. As mentioned, Sweet Summer is a natural process coffee, but a completely different flavor than the Honu (February), which we thought would be fun for you to try and compare!

Meet The Bean
Grown in Honduras in the municipality of Marcala, the coffee cherry are dried on raised beds and rotated every 30 minutes during the day for about 3 weeks, removing all visible defects. This method of natural processing (coffee seed dried in their cherry) yields a sweeter and fruitier flavor of coffee. Marcala is known for their organization of small, organic farms, whose coffee has yielded superior flavor and quality. All 65 farms work together in growing, farming and processing their coffee.

The Inside Scoop
The flavor notes of this natural are less fruit-forward than the Honu, and have complex florality in the form of hibiscus and honey. We also picked up savory notes of graham cracker and plum cake. Enjoy this comparison to February as you continue your coffee journey with us!

Limited Batch Sweet Sunshine


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