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Channel the Beauty of the Honu

Channel the Beauty of the Honu

The Honu, or Green Sea Turtle, is a symbol of longevity, good luck, wisdom and mana (spiritual strength) in Hawaiian culture. Their presence brings good luck and peace, considered the link between, land, man and sea.

Meet The Bean
Honu never fails to bring tranquility and awe when seen in their natural environment. From the moment we tasted this naturally processed Colombian coffee, we wanted to forge a link between the beauty of the land and sea to capture this traditional processing method. A "natural" leaves the coffee bean inside the cherry for drying and natural fermentation, leaving the cherry intact during drying. The bean will develop bold, rich flavors while maintaining a natural sweetness.

The Inside Scoop
Channel the beauty of the Honu and let wisdom, tranquility and peace enter your day with each cup. With notes of honey, cherry, blueberry and chocolate chip, we recommend letting it cool slightly and resist adding the milk and sugar, you'll be amazed how this cup develops. So, sip slow!

Limited Batch


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