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Big Swell New Year

Big Swell New Year

Welcome 2023! You are in for a treat as we begin the new year off with
a coffee that tastes amazing and will not only warm your palette, but warm your heart.

Meet The Bean
We have a saying at Tradition that “Coffee should be good to the Earth and good to the people.” Costa Rica Candelaria is an estate doing just that. They produce some of the finest coffees in the region AND have earned and maintained the Rain Forest Alliance certification. They also run a native wildlife protection program and reforestation program.
All this while financially supporting local schools and education programs. Candelaria proves that delicious coffee can be good to the Earth and good to people.

The Inside Scoop
In order to highlight the beauty of this coffee, we roasted it light to highlight its amazing distinctiveness. In fact, this coffee is one of the lightest we have ever roasted. It proved to be a beauty with no bitterness, and shiny sweetness. Definitely try this coffee black after letting it cool 20°, then decide on your add-ins. Tasting notes are Chardonnay, nectarine and chamomile. Coffee Cheers to the New Year!

Limited Batch


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