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It's a January Monsoon

It's a January Monsoon

Our featured Roast of the Month, 2022 Monsoon is a coffee crafted especially for our Tradition Coffee subscribers!  

Meet the Bean
Winter in Hawai`i is beautiful. The temperature cools a bit to the low 80ʻs, the trade winds are at their best and the ocean attracts professional surfers from around the world. Winter in Hawaii also means rain. That got us thinking about our next special offering: “India Monsooned Malabar.”

Roaster's Select 2022 Monsoon

The Inside Scoop

Centuries ago, coffee transported to Europe on cargo ships was exposed to constant humidity and rain. This caused the coffee beans to absorb moisture, swell, and turn nearly white in color. Today, “monsooning” is done on land to replicate the Traditional monsooned coffee. This India Monsoon coffee is transported to the Malabar coastal city of Mangalore during the rainy monsoon months (June to August) and spread out on large covered patios where the coffee slowly absorbs moisture. Once processed it is shipped using modern transport methods.

The Tradition team loved the malt, currant and earthy notes in this coffee, showing little to no acidity. Those who drink it black will appreciate its strength and robust flavor. We just want to curl up by a fire in a snowy, log cabin.

Best Wishes for a Prosperous New Year!

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