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Does Coffee Go Bad?

Does Coffee Go Bad?

While coffee doesn’t ever go bad like milk, it tends to begin losing peak flavor after a short amount of time, about 3-4 weeks.  The closer to the roast date you can brew, the tastier your cup will be and the greater the aroma. Always look for a roast date on your coffee bags.

The best way to extend your coffee freshness is to:

    • Purchase freshly roasted coffee. Again, look for a roast date.
      (If you can’t find one . . .  that may tell you something.)
    • Own a burr grinder, purchase whole bean and grind immediately before brewing.
      This is the one we like and use.
    • Coffee ages quicker when exposed to heat, light and moisture. Try to avoid storing under these conditions. For better results, we use 12oz bags with a resealable zipper imbedded in the pouch. Between uses just take out as much air as possible, seal the zipper and store in a cool environment.  A kitchen closet will do. Unlike many other voices you hear on a google search, I do not recommend a freezer or refrigerator. My reasoning it that every time the beans are taken out of such a cool environment into the room moisture condensates on the beans. Moisture=bad.

    Go ahead and experiment with your coffee, we love throwing on our lab coats and testing this stuff out. Open a bag, have it fresh, then reserve some for 1 month, 2 months, 6 months down the road and see what you think! Try leaving it out in the open air for a few days or weeks and see how that tastes also.

    Let us know what you think!

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