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Roaster's Select Holiday Tradition

Roaster's Select Holiday Tradition

Our featured Roast of the Month, a custom coffee specially roasted for our Tradition Coffee subscribers!

Meet the Bean
Here in our Coffee Lab, the elves have been hard at work experimenting with coffee. While we normally stick with single origins for our monthly subscribers, we are proudly sending out this two part blend for the holidays, a symbol of harmony we hope the holidays bring to our communities. The first is organically farmed and in the famed Huehuetenago region of Guatemala and the second is a bourbon varietal from El Salvador.

Roaster's Select Holiday Tradition

The Inside Scoop

With all of our blends, we take two or more coffees and strive to make an even more complex and interesting cup. For this Holiday Tradition blend, we roasted each coffee separately and combined them using the perfect percentage of each. We think you and your guests will feel the warmth and coziness of this rich aroma, cinnamon, orange zest and candied walnut notes.

Happy Holidays!

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