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February is Sweet!

February is Sweet!

Our featured Roast of the Month, Candy in a Cup is a sweet treat crafted especially for our Tradition Coffee subscribers!

Meet the Bean
"El Vapor AAA Natural EP” is sourced from a co-op in San Jose, Costa Rica. These beans have achieved the AAA certification in quality, sustainability and productivity, developed in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance. Guided by the belief that quality coffee is not just defined by flavor, but also by the impact it has on people and nature.

Candy in a Cup

The Inside Scoop

El Vapor is a “Natural” processed coffee meaning that after picking, the beans are dried over 2-3 weeks while still inside the coffee cherry. This method infuses the coffee with the distinctive sweetness many have come to love. We couldn’t resist offering this bean during the month of Valentine’s Day, so grab a cup and enjoy with a chocolate truffle to enhance the flavors of delicious brownie, fresh fig and whip cream. It truly is like Candy in a Cup!

Enjoy your Valentine's Celebration 💕

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