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Roaster's Select Hot & Steamy

Roaster's Select Hot & Steamy

Introducing the Roaster's Select Flavor of the Month — Hot & Steamy.

Meet the Bean
Our Coffee Club has been loving the naturals we have been offering, and this one is also exceptional with a complexity of flavors. This natural was dried in the cherry, in the sun, on raised clay patios. We loved the cola overtones and zesty, fruity pop of flavor, finishing with some subtle white chocolate notes on the nose.

Roaster's Select Hot & Steamy

The Inside Scoop
El Salvador is producing amazing lots of coffee through what has come to be appreciated as a blend of Tradition and innovation. The same can be said for this "La Trinidad," a naturally processed coffee from the Ahuachapan region at 1500 masl.

Nearly all of the coffee in the country is now shade grown, which means that the farmers are imitating how wild coffee trees grow. This method also demonstrates an understanding for the overall ecosystem as it keeps with Earth's natural coffee growing process.

As we swelter through August, enjoy the excitement of this coffee as a cold brew or a refreshing moment in the morning.

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