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Roaster's Select Thanksgiving Roast

Roaster's Select Thanksgiving Roast

Our featured Roast of the Month, Thanksgiving Roast is a custom coffee specially roasted for our Tradition Coffee subscribers!

Meet the Bean
This holiday coffee is from Brazil, specifically the Botelhos region. The process this farmer used to dry the coffee cherry is called “Pulped Natural.” After they harvest the cherries, they remove the skin and let the bean dry with the pulp of the cherry still attached. Brazil pioneered this method and originally coined it “Cereja Descansada” or “Peeled Cherry.”

Roaster's Select Thanksgiving Roast

The Inside Scoop
Pulped Natural coffees typically have more body, sweetness and acidity (effervescence) than a wet processed coffee where they remove all of the pulp before drying the seed. This is a great coffee to enjoy and share as we enter the holiday season. Brew it to begin your day, serve to your guests or pair it with a sweet after-dinner dessert to enjoy the notes of creamy hazelnut, caramel and cream.

Happy Thanksgiving from Tradition Coffee Roasters!


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