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Scare Away Cold Brew Myths!

Scare Away Cold Brew Myths!

Cold Brew is still “the new kid on the block” when it comes to coffee brewing. While you’ll find it on most gourmet coffee menus these days, it is still a relative newcomer. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about cold brew.

Myth #1: Cold Brew is a coffee drink
Not really! Cold brew is not a way of serving coffee, it is a method of brewing coffee just like espresso, French Press, pour-over, and so on. In fact, cold brew doesn’t have to be served cold, nor with ice.

Myth #2: Cold Brew is expensive
Iced coffee is not cold brew. Your favorite coffee shop will have plenty of iced coffee drinks on the It depends. Home brewing this coffee will always save you money.  By using our coffee delivered to your home, you will only pay a fraction of what you would any coffee chain.  At a coffee shop, you can expect to pay far more for cold brew. In part, this is because of its popularity, time it takes to brew, storage and the amount of coffee grinds used. Recap:1:10 for Cold brew vs 1:17 for hot pour-over.

Myth #3: Cold Brew has more caffeine
Not really. The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee has far more to do with roast level and the coffees used in a blend than it does brewing method. For cold brew, darker roast work best, and they contain less caffeine than medium or light roasts per gram. Caffeine is only broken down at temperatures higher than 455°F, making dark roast a healthier choice if you are concerned with limiting your caffeine intake.  An 8oz cup of brewed coffee contains around 96mg caffeine, and for cold brew this becomes difficult to measure because the drink is diluted before serving. If you’re drinking less than four cups of coffee a day, your caffeine intake is nothing to worry about.

Myth #4: Cold Brew is bitter
In actuality, cold brew coffee is smooth and sweet tasting. The flavors glide over the palate with symmetry. Balanced, sweet and seemingly viscous. Itʻs the perfect summer drink that’s easy to prepare and always ready for sipping.

Myth #5: Cold Brew is not as healthy as other coffee
Nonsense. Like all brewed coffee, cold brew has only two ingredients; water and coffee. In fact, cold brew is smoother and sweeter than traditional brew, reducing the need for dairy and other sugar.

We offer a perfectly roasted coffee selection perfect for Cold Brew — where flavors meld together resulting in a cool, sweet, viscous dessert like treat. Trick or Treat Coffee Brewers!
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