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Limited Batch: Pau Hana Peaberry

Limited Batch: Pau Hana Peaberry

Meet The Bean
Honduras Farmgate Santa Elena is not just farm co-op, it is a strong community that focuses on farming education, coffee trends, processing advances and ultimately, working to improve the quality of their product through fair trade and incentives. The Catracha Community is a registered non-profit that creates income diversification without taking from the farmers bottom line, this in-turn helps the farmers reinvest into their farms, and overtime, increases their standard of living. The organization holds art classes twice a week for farmers' families, which teaches coffee skills beyond farming, like wood carving...which we happen to retail as our "perfect scoop." A hand-carved coffee scoop made out of coffee wood! This helps the families earn extra income beyond farming.

The Inside Scoop
We feel a huge connection to this amazing coffee because of their focus on the overall community of their farming co-op, rendering it the name Pau Hana Peaberry. In Hawai`i "pau hana (pronounced pow-ha-na)" is that time after work spent with friends and family relaxing and socializing.

Limited Batch Pau Hana Peaberry


Embrace the flavor notes of pear, apple cider and spicy cinnamon.

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