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Limited Batch: Panama Honey

Limited Batch: Panama Honey

FUN FACT: Panama currently holds the record for the most expensive coffee ever auctioned ($6,034/lb). There was only 7 pounds available and it all sold.

Meet The Bean
While we did not participate in the auction, we can assure you that this coffee from Finca Santa Teresa is top shelf. Panama excels as a coffee growing region due to its diverse microclimates, enriched volcanic soils, and commitment to sustainable farming practices.

The Inside Scoop
This Honey Processed coffee is different than a natural. Ripe coffee cherries are immediately floated in water after harvest to remove less dense and damaged seeds. The coffee is then partially depulped and placed on raised beds to dry. It must be manually turned over a period of 8 to 12 days.

Limited Batch Panama Honey

Enjoy these fun flavor notes while you ponder the most expensive cup of coffee!

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