— You're Invited! Come Taste your Freshest Cup of Coffee at Our Roastery in Kailua, Hawai`i —

Home Sweet Home • Limited Batch

Home Sweet Home • Limited Batch

Meet The Bean

This is one of our favorite times of year to gather with friends and family to appreciate each other and give thanks to the food (and coffee) we enjoy! This father-son team operates a 12-acre farm called La Esperanza Familia Monge, which has been cultivating coffee for over 40 years. There is Tradition in each part of their process and recently, ensuring that there is traceability in their crop.

The Inside Scoop

Rodolfo and Gustavo care deeply about their families coffee and each step of the supply chain should honor the previous step. By tracking coffee beans from “farm to cup,” traceability promotes heightened quality, sustainability, transparency and accountability. As your roaster, we feel an obligation to roast each bean to perfection by highlighting all the beautiful qualities coffee has to offer.

Home Sweet Home

Raise your cup to appreciate the journey of your coffee and the love that goes into each step of the process. Happy Thanksgiving!

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