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Happy Halloween to All

Happy Halloween to All

Meet The Bean

Our Black Cat coffee of the month represents the fun and excitement of dressing up, gathering with friends and in Peru, celebrating Día de Los Muertos! In the US, we Trick-or-Treat, in Peru, the Day of the Dead is a holiday to remember loved ones by sharing a meal with them as one would when they were alive.

The Inside Scoop
In the “spirit” of gathering, this Co-Op farming community is comprised of 20 producers who care deeply for their land in Huabal. They utilize shade trees and are certified organic. The beans are dried on a raised bed for 18 days, after they have been fermented for 48 hours. Fermentation creates some of the best things in life like wine and cheese, so naturally coffee should be added to the list! The green beans are combined with yeast to enhance the natural flavors of the beans. Roasting then brings out the vibrant notes of cacao nibs, walnut and fig.

Limited Batch Black Cat

 Now you have the perfect treat to share this month!

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