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Coffee for Cinco de Mayo

Coffee for Cinco de Mayo

Our featured Roast of the Month, is a cup of java from México crafted especially for our Tradition Coffee subscribers!

Meet the Bean
The México Chiapas Mayan Harvest Women's Group has a name as big as its purpose. Over 160 family farms, organized by Rosalba Cifuentes, work to bring you these coffee beans grown on small, women-run farms.

The Inside Scoop
Rosalba grew up on a coffee farm in the area, and now works to organize the region and ensure that they receive higher prices for their production. This enables them to reinvest in better agriculture and improve the livelihoods for their families and communities. We are excited to share Mayan Harvest's coffee beans with you and promote their system of traceability and well earned premiums for their coffee. Rosalba is the quintessential example of how quality coffee is the result of strict farming standards, a strong community and ethical trading practices.

Coffee for Cinco de Mayo

Rise and Shine

These beans are equally as rich in dedication as they are in flavor. The strong cardamom notes will tingle your senses and open your eyes to an awakening aroma. Enjoy the coconut sugar with a pop of lemon zest as you take time out of your day to breath in this aromatic wonder.

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