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How does Juan Valdez drink his coffee?

How does Juan Valdez drink his coffee?

First, a little background on the most famous coffee farmer EVER.
Now sit down, because you might take this rough.
Juan Valdez is not a real person.
He was created in 1959 in the offices of a marketing agency in New York City.

Juan Valdez

Key Figure
Juan Valdez was the key figure in a massive marketing campaign to promote Colombian coffee as a single-origin product and mark of quality. Even though he’s just a fictional character in a marketing campaign, don’t underestimate what he’s done for the coffee industry and specifically Colombian coffee (which we are a big fan of).

So . . . Juan Valdez
Considering he is such a big deal, we think he drinks coffee anyway he wants, but we like the nostalgia of imagining him doing coffee old school with a hand grinder and a cast iron kettle over a fire.

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