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PEABERRY Limited Batch for September

PEABERRY Limited Batch for September

What is a Peaberry? We get this question a lot, so we wanted to bring you one! Introducing Peaberry Passion, a Limited Batch we just roasted. 

Meet the Bean
A Peaberry occurs when a single seed grows in the coffee cherry instead of two. Normally, there are two seeds that nest together, like a peanut. The single seed tends to be smaller and rounder, with some saying this adds to the flavor of the coffee because it absorbs all nutrients from the fruit for itself.

The Inside Scoop
Why does this happen? We don't know what makes a Peaberry present itself, it's rare, and makes up about 2-4% of a crop. There is no way to predict or grow this special seed as it is found in the sorting process after the coffee cherry has been harvested.

Limited Batch Peaberry Passion

This Peaberry is from Papua New Guinea Nebilyer Valley, fully washed and sun dried. Our team loved this coffee and tasted the savoriness of churro, the finish of apricot and the richness of black cherry.

Enjoy its rarity!

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