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Just In for Summer: Kailua Cold Brew

Just In for Summer: Kailua Cold Brew

Temperatures are warming up and we wanted to share a delicious way to keep you cool.

Meet The Bean

This KAILUA COLD BREW is super versatile and is amazing when brewed either hot or cold. When we first tried it hot as a pour-over we knew we had something special. The flavor notes spurred our imagination and we then brewed it as a cold brew…and we were blown away! This is definitely a coffee to have fun with and experiment.

The Inside Scoop
We included a couple of free cold brew socks and brewing instructions to those of you who are willing and bold enough to try. Often a cold brew uses a very coarse grind but feel free to play with different sizes. Cold brew is a forgiving brew method and you don’t need to be perfect.

Limited Batch Kailua Cold Brew


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