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This lovely DeCaf coffee is decaffeinated organically through what is called the “Swiss-Water Process”. Using water, high-temperature and time, the caffeine is gently drawn out of the beans to a level of 99.9% caffeine-free (less than a scoop of chocolate ice cream) without the use of chemicals. It is sad to say that the majority of decaffeinated coffees in the world are decaffeinated using chemicals often found in paint strippers such as ethyl acetate or methylene chloride. Ours never will be. Whether you love decaf as your morning Tradition, after dinner, or that warm cup of coffee in the evening to decompress, you can rest assured knowing this delicious cup is one of the most enjoyable you can find.
The decaf drinkers in our life were tired of flat, flavorless cups of coffee found elsewhere and we decided to do something about it. In sourcing our decafs, we look for organically decaffeinated beans full of flavor that can be brought out by our unique roasting profiles. Look for notes of creamy cocoa, nutmeg and molasses in every sip.

• Single Origin Coffee •

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