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Kailua Cold Brew: Ready-to-Drink Recipe

Kailua Cold Brew: Ready-to-Drink Recipe

Temperatures are warming up and we wanted to share a delicious way to keep you cool. This KAILUA COLD BREW is super versatile and is amazing when cold-brewed. This is definitely a coffee to have fun with and experiment.

Kailua Cold Brew Recipe

 What You Need

1100 mL (4 1/2 cups) cold water
80g (1 cup) coarsely ground coffee


  • Add ground coffee to coffee basket
  • Slowly pour the cold water directly onto coffee grounds
  • Put in refrigerator for 12-24 hours
  • Remove coffee basket & replace lid
  • Serve cold brew over ice and enjoy


Empty used coffee grinds intotrash bin or your garden! Clean basket using a sponge & water. Clean all other pieces using a sponge with mild soap.

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