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Limited Batch: Oasis

Limited Batch: Oasis

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Oasis is an ode to the beautiful organic farm “Las Palmeras” owned by Maria Mancia. At 1450 masl, the 7.8 hectacre farm has over 40,000 Parainema Trees, a rare coffee varietal. This microlot is a limited release that boasts beautiful fruity sweetness.

After harvest, the coffee is immediately dry fermented anaerobically, breaking down the mucilage slowly. A brix reading is taken after 100 hours of fermenting to measure and record sugar content. The coffee is then dried for a month, starting on a patio and finishing in a solar dryer. The slow fermentation and drying accentuate the sweetness and acidity of the coffee Maria produces.

You will enjoy the honeysuckle and ripe citrus with the savory-sweet vanilla overlay. We recommend pairing this with a Dark Chocolate lightly sprinkled with sea salt.

Origin: Honduras Las Palmeras
Process: Natural
Roast: Medium Roast
Notes: Honeysuckle, Ripe Citrus, Vanilla

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