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We are excited to offer this Ka'ū as it is truly one of the most exquisite coffees in the world, consistently ranking among the best in global competitions. Ka'ū is referred to as the "Cousin of Kona" or the "Sonoma Valley of Coffee Country". The Ka'ū district is helping to bolster the specialty coffee movement by continually increasing quality each year. As one of the handful of specialty coffee roasters here in Hawai'i, we proudly carry that torch of quality through the roasting process to our customers.

When you pour this special cup of coffee, you will be met with the alluring scent of brown sugar and ripe fruits. The sweetness of stone fruit will tempt your tastebuds with the nutty finish of macadamia nut. Whether enjoying this for a special occasion or simply being someone who has the highest standards for your daily coffee, you are sure to love every sip.

• Single Origin Coffee •

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