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When it comes to world-renowned coffee regions in Hawaiʻi, Kona often steals the limelight. We love our 100% Kona and the families we source our green coffee from. This extends to a hidden gem that coffee enthusiasts shouldn't miss—the Kaʻū Coffee Region. Nestled on the southern side of the Big Island, Kaʻū is an up-and-coming coffee paradise that deserves your attention.

Although Kaʻū shares some similarities with its famous neighbor, Kona, it boasts its own unique characteristics. The region's volcanic soil, ample rainfall, and ideal elevation at approximately 2,000 feet create the perfect conditions for growing exceptional coffee beans. The volcanic ash and mineral-rich soil lend a distinctive flavor profile to the coffee, resulting in a smooth and well-balanced cup with hints of brown sugar, macadamia nut, and stone fruit.

While Kona coffee is globally recognized, the Kaʻū Coffee Region is making a name for itself by producing top-quality beans that rival even the best Kona offerings and continue to win awards. As an example, 3 individual farms from Kaʻū placed in the top 10 in a 2022 cupping competition hosted by the Hawaii Coffee Association. The local farmers in Kaʻū are deeply committed to their craft, employing traditional farming techniques combined with modern innovations to ensure the highest quality standards.


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